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Life’s ups and downs take their toll on our minds - but sometimes we forget that our bodies carry the strain too.   

Somatic Massage could be just the therapy you need when there’s pain, stress, and trauma you're struggling to let go of... 

Whether it’s the overwhelming demands of modern life, or a specific traumatic event (Covid is a great example), when we experience stress, our brain switches on our sympathetic nervous system which gives us that fight or flight reaction.

But if the stress remains and we can’t release that trauma, we get stuck there – sometimes for years.

The result? Chronic stress which causes the body to literally break down on us.  

My Somatic Massage combined with Reflexology techniques work to release tension in the body, helping your mind remember how to let go of that fight or flight response. You don’t have to live with constant pain and misery.  

Now more than ever it’s time for us to take care of ourselves. Life is always going to throw stress our way, but if we take a breath and tune into our bodies, we can learn to let go of it and get back to actually living...  


“Nicola did more for my healing journey than 3 years of talking therapy, and her energy is like a warm hug."


"Nicola is honestly a little bit magic."


“I had Reflexology, and all I can say is, wow! It's invigorating, and the way she read my body from my feet was incredible!.”

What I Do

I’m a fully insured FHT-accredited Holistic Therapist based in Brighton and Hove. I’m trained to use a range of massage styles, from deep tissue and sports techniques, to hot stone work, relaxing massage and Swedish massage.

As well as this, I offer Reflexology which stimulates the internal body systems to work effectively.  

I work with the whole body and mind - either in your own home, or at a therapy room in Hove - offering you a fully bespoke treatment based on an in-depth consultation to ensure I give you the best possible results.  

So whether you want the full Somatic Massage experience incorporating meditation, breathing exercises, and intention setting – or just a half hour hot stone massage after an injury – I can get to the root of the issue and finally give your body the therapy session it deserves.  


Knead to Let Go Somatic Massage

A chance to release that long term pain, stress and trauma. We begin with a consultation to get to know each other, then practice some breathing techniques to lower heart rate and stress, followed by a guided meditation to clear the mind and set our intentions on listening to the body.  

Next, a 90 minute full body Somatic Massage, focusing specifically on your areas of concern, and incorporating Reflexology pressure point treatment to stimulate the internal body systems to work effectively.  

A truly relaxing, balancing, mind-body reset. You’ve earned it.

2 hours - £100

Holistic Massage

A fully bespoke Holistic Massage treatment tailored to your needs, using relaxing, deep tissue, and sports techniques to melt away that pain and tension.  


For an extra treat, add Hot Stones to your treatment for just £5.

30 minutes - £30
45 minutes - £40
60 minutes - £55
90 minutes - £70

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the absolute bliss of a real Hot Stone Massage. I do more than just run the stones over your back – I work with specially tailored deep tissue techniques, using the heat of the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles.  


I promise you, it’s absolute heaven...

60 minutes - £55
90 minutes - £70


Reflexology aims to stimulate the internal body systems to get them working at their peak, by applying gentle pressure to specific reflex points on the feet.  

When we work these reflexes, we’re sending signals through the nervous system to each organ of the body to jolt them into action - just like tapping your kneecap sends nerve signals to make your leg kick.  

Helping to bring the body back into balance using the Eunice Ingham method, you’ll leave feeling both relaxed and energized.

60 minutes - £55

Holistic Massage and Reflexology

A completely bespoke full body treatment, inside and out – you'll be floating out the door after this one...

90 minutes - £70

My Story

Before training as an Holistic Therapist, I worked in the highly stressful (and honestly, not at all glamourous) world of TV production. Might seem like an odd career shift, but here’s how I’ve ended up where I am.

Like so many of us, I was living in my head - consumed with work, meeting deadlines, and trying desperately to fit ‘life’ in where I could.


But you can only go so far running on ego, adrenaline – and coffee – before you realise that your body is along for the ride too. And it’s screaming at you to pay attention.  

Unsurprisingly, I got ill. I developed an autoimmune condition, my back and neck were destroyed, and finally the tension began affecting my ability to eat. That was my wake up call.


I struggled on and saw various doctors, but none of the treatments worked for me. It wasn’t until I looked to a more holistic approach that I began to get better. 


I started doing my own research and delved into the science behind how the stress and emotional trauma we experience in the mind, can be stored in the body.


This led me down a path of utilising holistic therapies to physically and mentally release everything I’d been holding on to – treating the causes of my problems and not just the symptoms - and it completely changed my life.

I honestly couldn’t imagine anything better than being able to help someone experience what I have - so I learnt how to. And now here I am. 

So have a browse and see what I do, and if you fancy shaking off some of that lovely generational trauma, or just working out the kinks if you’ve done yourself a mischief, then get in touch. I’d absolutely love to help, genuinely. (Namaste etc.) 

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